Artist Carrie Beth Collins in her studio painting abstract paintings


I am a mixed media artist from Louisville, Kentucky, with a love for vivid color and the intuitive painting process. I never know what I am going to paint. I drip, splatter, and paint with my fingers or found objects. I take my glasses off, let my eyes go out of focus and look.  If I see something, I want to let the viewer see it also. Michelangelo's quote sums it up best, "I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set her free."

I have loved drawing, painting, writing, and photography from a young age, and have studied all forms of visual art in college and dabbled in them from 2001-2011.  In 2012, I found my true passion, combining all of them in what is referred to as mixed media art.    

I love using a variety of numbers, botanicals, hidden details, chemistry symbols, stars, constellations, and metallic accents in my work.  My multidisciplinary artistic focus in college and a 20 year career as a healthcare provider has given me a love for science as well as the arts.

Stars were the first thing I learned to draw at the age of three.  They are my favorite shape and I include them in almost every painting I create.   

Painting is healing to me.  It allows me to quiet the noise of everyday life and discover myself by spilling my soul’s visual language onto canvas.  My favorite aspect of creating is connecting with others and seeing them moved by a piece of my work.   

Thank you for your interest, 

Carrie Beth

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