Carrie Beth Collins: fine art paintings and gifts.

detail of mushrooms
Welcome to my new series: STAINED GLASS FOREST

What is a series?

A series is a group of work with a similar subject matter or style. In this group of paintings I explore nature. How the light through tree leaves makes rainbows much like a stained glass window. To capture the love I have for a starry night, many pieces have glow-in-the-dark constellations and moons. 

Original 15' x 30" Acrylic is available for sale

"Spring Rain"

Refreshing, bright colors adorn a gold leaf tree. 


"Embrace Change

Spring, at the 12 o’clock, with it’s soft yellow blooms. Summer, at the nine o’clock, with green tree leaves bearing red fruit. Fall’s colorful leaves cover the ground at six o'clock. Winter, at the three o’clock position, with its Northern Lights. The butterfly, an iconic symbol, shows us how beautiful change can be.

Original 15"x30" mixed media on canvas available for sale

"Trippy, Drippy, Tree"

This piece has a secret! When the lights go out, a glow-in-the-dark moon and stars show their light! This 15"x 30" acrylic painting on stretched canvas reminds me of a rainbow butterfly wing. This piece is part of my most current series that focuses on nature.


"We Are One"

This painting is made out of two 24"x48" vertically hung canvases. As we are ONE with nature and each other, each canvas creates ONE complete 48"x48" artwork when both halves are combined. The two souls reaching toward nature, the heavens,  and each other are ONE  without physical tethers.  

24"x24" original mixed media on canvas available for sale

"Natures Magic"

This piece pays tribute to my grandma's keen eye for spotting edible mushrooms on forest walks.  This piece is black light reactive and glows-in-the-dark! 

6" X 6" Acrylic on canvas original painting available

"Summer Tree"

Summer's vibrant color explodes in this piece.

“VIP Girl”

“VIP Girl”

She stares into  future full of  possibility. 


"Tree Faces"

I was painting outdoors at a park when a rookie mistake caused me to get frustrated and scrape the paint off into a napkin. Liking the result, I decided to scrape it off in the pattern of some nearby trees. The faces were a happy accident. If you stare at it long enough, you’ll begin to see more of them.


"River in my Dream"

In this piece I see a peaceful river gliding  effortlessly through a dream-like landscape.


"Music of the Spheres"

This painting pays tribute to my love of numbers, their language, and observing the mathematical formula that nature uses to build structures. There are a lot of hidden number sequences in nature. This piece is about quieting the mind enough to notice those subtle whispers, and perfectly orchestrated events in life.

“Mother Earth”

“Mother Earth”

This painting was challenge that I accepted from a gallery owner to participate in a ”Black and White“ exhibit.  It’s an unusual color palette, because I typically never paint with just black and white.  The original sold before the varnish was dry. I’m glad that I accepted the challenge!


"Gold Trees"

In this piece I used a crackle medium to prime the canvas and give it an interesting texture. Gold tree bark really makes this piece sparkle in a  way that a photograph can't duplicate. 


"Soul Awakened"

The little girl has her eyes closed and is viewing the world through the bird’s eye to “see the world as they do”. She is surrounded by over 20 hidden creatures and plant life. The swirling air and galaxy is there to remind us that we are all connected. The original painting was raffled for a local animal shelter.


"Star Man"

The famous line from David Bowie  accompanies this glow-in-the-dark piece and pays tribute to my favorite solo artist of all time. 

I Can Fly,

"I can Fly"

As a child I can remember many dreams of flying and wishing that I could in real life. I drew this on the back of my art journal and liked it so much that I decided to make magnets out of it.